Virus & Malware Removal

Viruses and malware can be more than just annoying. They tend to be front of campaigns targeting your personal data either for marketing or illicit gains. Our team specializes in removing them all and ensuring you have the tools needed to keep them from coming back.


Network Configuration & Security

Network configuration and security includes a wide range of services. From troubleshooting WiFi networks to increasing security levels on all network types. From running cables to configuring firewalls – ensuring your devices can speak together in a secure manner is what we do.


Computer Migration

Transferring data from a current computer to a new one can be tricky, regardless if your a home or business user. Ensuring data, certificates, emails and other vital information is migrated properly can be very worry-some and time consuming. Our experts are fully equipped to help make this transition smooth and getting you moving forward quickly.


Equipment Setup

Troubleshooting external devices can be difficult at times, but our experts are knowledgeable on a wide range of devices; ranging from home to office printers, network cameras, routers and more. Technology is supposed to make life easier. When it doesn’t, were here to help – making sure all the devices function the way they should.


Data Recovery

There is nothing more frustrating than a computer that will not work, especially when sensitive data is on it. Our team can diagnose whether recovery is possible and get you moving towards being productive again.


On-Site Support: $125 per Hour with a $25 Travel Fee | 1 Hour Minimum

Remote Support: $95 per Hour  | 1 Hour Minimum (not all services available remotely)