SideBarImage-1As technology progressively becomes a part of every segment of our lives, and continues to develop at an ever-increasing pace, a growing number of people find themselves looking for friendly tech support from a local company you can count on. Look no further, TECH HANDYMEN is just what you need. Created by Chapin Hall and Jonathan Barnes after seeing a growing need in Hawaii for a company specializing in onsite response to technology difficulties, the mission is to provide a top quality service unlike any other.

TECH HANDYMEN is founded upon highly personal and rapid-response service to all clients. In your home, you trust your handyman like an old friend who can fix anything and also explain how it all works. Our business is no different. It is about building relationships with our customers – to be the handymen for your tech support needs. We can fix it for you as well as help you understand how you can keep the same pesky problems from troubling you again.

With decades of experience repairing and troubleshooting every sort of electronic device, we specialize in affordable yet extensive tech support and onsite IT services. From home computers to business servers, we bring technical understanding, creativity, a sense of humor, and the highest level of customer service to all clients, regardless of whether they are our biggest customer or our smallest.  We understand that the casual home user and small businesses have vastly different needs than large corporations. That’s why we offer a number of options specifically for residential, commercial and more.

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