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Whether you need help planning or diagnosing missing packets on your network, making sure your server is performing at full capacity or just need help getting rid of a pesky virus – we do it all! Tech Handymen is your local tech support for the island of Oahu, specializing in on-site computer troubleshooting and repair.


On-site Visits

From printers to servers, Apple and Microsoft, our expert staff will come to you and help get you on track. Whether it’s cleaning up a computer, or setting up an office no job is too big or too small. Our aim is to not only fix your problem, but give you the tools you need to help yourself out in the future as well.


Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses and malware aren’t just annoying, they can be damaging to your computer and security. Our team is up to date with the latest methods for finding and removing these threats. Let us get your computer back on track quickly, in the comfort of your home or business, and help you understand how they got there to begin with. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here to help.


Network Configuration & Security

Networks are at the heart of most residential and commercial computer setups, connecting computers and information, but also printers, cameras and servers. However, with sharing personal and corporate data for productivity and entertainment also comes security risks. Our team aims to get you the most out of your network while minimizing potential hazards.


Server Administration

From SQL to Exchange our specialized consultants can help you administer your servers. Ranging from troubleshooting to expanding and managing we can help. Our teams specialize in all manners of server administration and are ready to help you get back on track.


Tech Handymen is founded upon highly personal and rapid-response service to all clients. In your home, you trust your handyman like an old friend who can fix anything and also explain how it all works. Our business is no different. It is about building relationships with our customers – to be the handymen for your tech support needs. We can fix it for you as well as help you understand how you can keep the same pesky problems from troubling you again.

Desktop and Laptop Support

Virus and malware removal, network configuration, equipment setup and more.

Server Support

Sever setup, data recovery, our specialized consultants can help you administer your servers.

Web Development

Need a new website for your business?

THinc Safe

Proactive monitoring system designed to warn us about issues with your computers before it becomes a problem for you.

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